Shia LaBeouf is a Regular Guy in Opposite Land

Shia LaBeouf is doing some fascinating work right now, and we're excited about where he is going. We talk about his entertainment background and his current exploration into different media.

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Even Stevens


Charlie Countryman trailer

Elastic Heart

Fjögur píanó

Rob Cantor - Shia LaBeouf



There are no objective videos about his exhibit, but this EW article is pretty good. Most of the videos we found were created by jerks making cheap shots at Shia.


Shoutouts to Joe Moss and Georgina Pickford who, we felt, used the Shia LaBeouf footage the most effectively.

The full show from students at Central Saint Martins

This is how they chose to use the footage.


Shia is obviously influenced greatly by Marina Abramović, here's some of her work.

Rhythm 0

Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010